Oak chips

A unique, carefully controlled range of technical and innovative oenological wood chips.

Blended oak chips

Boisé® Signature offers a range of 3 references resulting from blends of ready-to-use chips to offer your wines a signature characteristic, without compromise.

Staves & Barrel inserts

The Boisé® Inspiration range contributes the nobility of oak to oenological know-how.

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Oenological woods for spirits

Boisé® Spirits is a complete range of high quality French oak products for your spirits.





High quality oenological woods

Accurate, repeatable, sustainable, 100% PEFC and solar toasted. Boisé®, the perfect match for great wines!

High quality oenological woods that respect your wine and the environment !

A pioneer in precision oenology, Boisé® is a premium range of oenological woods, designed for wine making and aging. From sustainably managed forests, 100% PEFC, our only raw material is French oak. Our Boisé® France production site is ISO 50001 certified (energy management), all our staves and barrel inserts are 100% solar toasted.

Our products are rigorously selected, analyzed and toasted to guarantee the unique precision and repeatability of our wood profiles.

By choosing Boisé®, you are choosing a committed and responsible brand!

Discover our oenological wood ranges

Boisé® origine copeaux de bois oenologiques
Oak chips
Blended oak chips
Staves & Barrel inserts
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Oenological woods for spirits

Boisé® is committed to the future

In a context of climate change, which impacts the quality and quantity of wines marketed, wine makers are faced with major challenges and must adapt by adopting new strategies to find the right balance between protecting their terroirs, ensuring the sustainability of their operations and adapting wine profiles to consumer tastes.

At our level we have chosen to take action towards the energy transition by investing in a park of 300 photovoltaic panels on our Boisé® France site, in Aire sur l'Adour.

Boisé® is committed to your wines

We guarantee that our Boisé® France oenological wood comes exclusively from 100% PEFC sustainably managed forests. We also roast our staves and barrel inserts with solar energy - a first in our industry! The choice of transition towards renewable energy is an investment in the future, made in 2020. Boisé® improved its energy efficiency by 10% in less than 18 months.


Boisé® is committed to the quality of its oenological wood

See our environmental plan video.

Our products of the moment

Discover the latest staves, barrel inserts and oenological chips renowned for high quality, precision and durability.

Signature Y

Intensifies fruit aromas

Signature T

Bring complexity & toasted aromas

Signature Fr

Brings freshness & balance control

Boisé origine BF

For fruit and volume

Boisé origine BFP

For the structure, fruit and volume

boisé origine AFR

For aromatic freshness and vivacity

Boisé origine DC180

For vanilla notes, roundness and softness

Boisé origine sc100

For roundness without adding toasted notes.

Brings fat, softness and sweetness.

Boisé SC180XL

For structure, vanilla and bakery notes

Boisé origine DC190

For grilled and caramel notes

Boisé origine DCA

For complexity and softness

Boisé origine SCA

For complexity and volume


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