Oak chips

A unique, carefully controlled range of technical and innovative oenological wood chips.

Staves & Barrel inserts

The Boisé® Inspiration range contributes the nobility of oak to oenological know-how.

Blended oak chips

Boisé® Signature offers a range of 3 references resulting from blends of ready-to-use chips to offer your wines a signature characteristic, without compromise.

Oenological woods for spirits

Boisé® Spirits is a complete range of high quality French oak products for your spirits.

Natural aqueous oak extract

The natural purity of oak in drops, for: premium wine, beer, spirits & non-alcoholic beverages. 100% natural oak extracts made in France.

Boisé Absolu #6

Natural French aqueous oak product with vanilla notes.

Notes vanillées

Boisé Absolu #6 est un extrait naturel de bois liquide qui apporte des notes vanillées et d’arômes intenses de pâtisserie, il augmente l’intensité aromatique et diminue des notes végétales. Boisé Absolu #6 augmente le volume et la structure en bouche. L'intégration est instantanée et nous vous recommandons de faire des tests au préalable pour trouver la dose qui convient le mieux à vos boissons.

Sensory impact

• Input of vanilla notes and intense bakery aromas
• Increase in the aromatic intensity
• Decrease of vegetal notes
• Increase in volume and structure in the palate


• Natural extract that allows to enhance the aroma and the structure of the palate
• Recommended dosage: 1mL/L
• Instant integration
• Dilute to recommended dosage
• Concentrated natural extract, susceptible to form precipitates without altering the organoleptic properties of the product


Our other products

Boisé Absolu #2

Natural french aqueous oak product with fresh oak notes.

Boisé Absolu #8

Natural French aqueous oak product with spicy and toasted notes.

Boisé Absolu #10

Natural French aqueous oak product with coffee and toasted notes.

Boisé Absolu, a new 100% natural oak extract, a major innovation for non-alcoholic beverages