Oak chips

A unique, carefully controlled range of technical and innovative oenological wood chips.

Staves & Barrel inserts

The Boisé® Inspiration range contributes the nobility of oak to oenological know-how.

Blended oak chips

Boisé® Signature offers a range of 3 references resulting from blends of ready-to-use chips to offer your wines a signature characteristic, without compromise.

Oenological woods for spirits

Boisé® Spirits is a complete range of high quality French oak products for your spirits.

Natural aqueous oak extract

The natural purity of oak in drops, for: premium wine, beer, spirits & non-alcoholic beverages. 100% natural oak extracts made in France.


To boost the freshness and fruitiness of your wines!

Red fruits
Contact time: 6 to 8 months
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20.FR Inspirations douelle oenologique
pattern gamme inspiration

#20.FR is a lightly toasted 20mm stave, ideal for aging fresh wines. This stave contributes vivacity and enhances the fruity aspect of the wine.

What is the sensorial impact?

The stave brings freshness with very light roasted notes by intensifying the fruity expression of the «fresh» wine profiles without adding woody notes. On the palate, the structure is reinforced by adding a touch of vivacity

For what type of wine style?

Boisé® Inspiration #20.FR pairs well with ripe wine profiles for which it refreshes and restores tension and vivacity in the palate.


Which is the best moment to use it?

Using the staves after MLF reveals all the aromatic potential, while using during AF will improve its integration into the wine while enhancing roundness on the palate.

How many staves should be used?

Depending on the desired result, it is recommended to use 1 or 2 staves per hectoliter (3 or 4 staves per 100 gallons).

Technical characteristics

Food-quality product sensitive to storage conditions.Storage in original sealed packaging, with no direct contact of the bag with the floor, in a temperate room (5 to 40°C) free from odors and chemicals. Can be used up to 5 years after production is stored in the aforementioned conditions.

Boisé inspiration 20.FR packaging

Aromatic balance


Balance in the mouth

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Test our woods to determine which best suits your wine profile.

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